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Table 1 Selected characteristics of the 30 provincial level hospitals (2010) where attendees were working at the time of the workshop

From: Reducing neonatal infections in south and south central Vietnam: the views of healthcare providers

General hospitals, n (%) 28 (93%)
Distance (km) from regional referral hospital, median (range) 215 (40–950)
Number of beds, median (range) 690 (100–1,500)
Number of births, median (range) 6,545 (0–13,871)
Total number of doctors in the unit, median (range) 10 (2–46)
Total number of nurses in the unit, median (range) 25 (4–70)
Total number of different rooms in the unit, median (range) 3 (0–11)
Total number of beds in the unit, median (range) 20 (0–75)
Total number of patients/year, median (range) 1,019 (100–4,258)
Number of inborn patients admitted to the unit, median (range) 713 (0–4,200)
Number of out born patients admitted to the unit, median (range) 204 (40–1,200)
Number of deaths in the unit, median (range) 40 (0–147)
Number of deaths in unit attributed to sepsis, median (range) 12 (0–50)
Availability of alcohol gel for quick hand-cleansing, n (%) 22 (73%)