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Table 2 Relationship between intra-abdominal adipose tissue and variables related to the bones of children and adolescents

From: The relationship between visceral fat thickness and bone mineral density in sedentary obese children and adolescents

  Univariate Multivariable model
  r(r 95%CI) βadjusted ± SEM 95%CI) P
IAAT* −0.17 (−0.03; -0.32) −0.134 ± 0.042 (−0.217;-0.050) 0.002
  1. * = numerical variable under logarithm transformation; βadjusted = model adjusted by sex, age, height, total body fatness, trunk fatness and pubertal stage; BMD = bone mineral density; IAAT = intra-abdominal adipose tissue; SEM = standard error mean; 95%CI = 95% confidence interval.