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Table 2 Effect sizes observed in the current study compared with those observed in Dawson et al.[13]

From: Clinical outcomes of an early intervention program for preschool children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in a community group setting

  Cohen’s dobserved in current study Cohen’s dobserved in Dawson et al. studya[13]
Mullen Scales of Early Learning b
Visual Reception 0.63 0.40
Fine Motor 0.14 −0.10 c
Receptive Language 0.48 1.56
Expressive Language 0.40 1.03
Overall MSEL 0.47 0.87
Vineland Adaptive Behaviour Scales-II Standard Domain Scores
Communication 0.21 0.52
Socialisation 0.02 −0.43b
Daily Living Skills 0.05 −2.15b
Motor Skills 0.45 0.38
Adaptive Behaviour Composite 0.07 −0.49b
  1. a) Note that the effect sizes for the Dawson et al. study have been calculated by the authors of this study using the means and standard deviations for the ESDM group baseline and one-year outcome data reported in the Dawson et al. manuscript. Effects sizes were not corrected for the correlation between pre-post scores following the recommendations of Dunlap et al. [31].
  2. b) In the present study, MSEL scale and overall scores were calculated using DQs, as described in the methods. In Dawson et al. [12] these were calculated using T scores and the Overall MSEL score was the Early Learning Composite Score.
  3. c) Negative effect sizes denote a reduction from pre-to-post.