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Table 1 Questions from developmental/sensory histories

From: Birth and developmental correlates of birth weight in a sample of children with potential sensory processing disorder

I. Child’s birth history: Parents were asked to check a box labeled yes, no, or don’t know to answer “Was or did the child”:

II. Developmental milestones: Parents were asked to provide ages for the following:

1) Full term? Here they also wrote down the child’s birth weight.

1) rolling over

2) Premature? Here they also wrote down the number of weeks.

2) walking

3) Small for gestational age (SGA)?

3) saying words

4) Breech (feet first)?

4) sitting alone

5) Require forceps for delivery?

5) chewing solid food

6) Require suction for delivery?

6) saying sentences

7) Have any birth injuries? Here parents were asked to provide a description.

7) crawling

8) If known, Apgar score at 1 minute and at 5 minutes.


9) Require intensive care hospitalization? Here they also answered if yes, for how long? Note that intensive care hospitalization was the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

  1. NOTE: The variable that coded whether children required suction for delivery was excluded from the analyses to avoid ambiguity about whether parents were responding with regard to suction as a clearing of the mouth and airway or as vacuum assisted delivery.