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Table 7 Discriminant function analysis of MRI measures

From: School-age effects of the newborn individualized developmental care and assessment program for preterm infants with intrauterine growth restriction: preliminary findings

Jackknifed Classification* Matrix
Total Cerebellum, Brain Stem, Right Caudate, Occipital White Matter, Left Nucleus Accumbens, Left Insula
Correct Classification Control
(n = 11)
(n = 7)
Control (C) Group 72.7% 8 3
Experimental (E) Group 100% 0 7
Total 83.3% 8 10
  1. Wilks’ Lambda = 0.269; df = 6,11; F = 4.983; p = 0.01. Jackknifed classification* efficiency is calculated by sequentially eliminating one case at a time, computing the discriminant function based on remaining subjects, and using the resultant discriminant to classify the eliminated case. Percent correct classification is based on the overall success of the total sample’s cumulative classification in this manner.