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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Optimising Ankle Foot Orthoses for children with Cerebral Palsy walking with excessive knee flexion to improve their mobility and participation; protocol of the AFO-CP study

Inclusion criteria  
  Spastic CP;
  6-14 years;
  A gait pattern characterised by excessive knee flexion (jump gait, apparent equinus or crouch gait) [42];
  GMFCS I, II, or III (provided that the patient is able to walk independently for at least 15 meters)
Exclusion criteria  
  Any orthopaedic surgery or other surgical interventions that might influence mobility in the past 6 months;
  Botulinum toxin A injections in the past 3 months, Intrathecal Baclofen therapy in the past 6 months, or SDR in the past year;
  Impairments that could contraindicate fitness testing;
  Plantar flexion contractures or knee contractures >10° or hip endorotation > 20° in midstance;
  Other medical conditions influencing mobility;
  Severe behavioural problems;
  1. GMFCS: Gross Motor Function Classification System [43]; SDR: Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy.