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Table 3 Recommended Australian FASD diagnostic assessment content

From: Recommendations from a consensus development workshop on the diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in Australia

Recommended content Content included on the UW FASD Diagnostic Form or New Patient Information Form
History: Yes
  Family/social Yes
  Prenatal medical Yes
  Obstetric Yes
  Neonatal Yes
  Developmental Yes
  Academic Yes
  Current problems Yes
  Pre + post natal alcohol +  other prenatal exposures Yes
  Paternal drinking Yes
  Drug and alcohol use in the child or individual Yes
  Early life trauma Yes
Examination: Yes
  Growth Yes
  Head circumference Yes
  Dysmorphology Yes
  Central nervous system Yes
  Birth defects Yes
Medical investigations Yes
Diagnostic criteria Yes
Exclusion of other diagnoses Yes
Reporting final diagnosis by category Yes
Results summary: strengths and areas of need Yes
Follow-up and management plan Yes
  1. UW-University of Washington 4-Digit Diagnostic Code [4].