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Table 3 FNP fidelity goals [47, 48, 72]

From: The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Family Nurse Partnership home visiting programme for first time teenage mothers in England: a protocol for the Building Blocks randomised controlled trial

FNP fidelity goals Criteria
Recruitment and enrolment • at least 60% enrolled before 16 weeks of pregnancy and 100% no later than 28 weeks
• 100% of clients enrolled are first-time mothers
• 100% of clients enrolled are 19 years or younger at LMP
• 75% of eligible clients who are offered the programme are enrolled
• each family nurse enrols 25 families (or pro rata) within 9 months of recruitment
Attrition Clients leave the programme at no more than these rates:
• cumulative programme attrition is 40% or less through to the child’s second birthday
In detail:
• 10% or less during the pregnancy phase
• 20% or less during the infancy phase
• 10% or less during toddlerhood
Dosage Clients receive:
• 80% or more of expected visits during pregnancy
• 65% or more of expected visits during infancy
• 60% or more of expected visits during toddlerhood
  On average, length of home visits is around 60 minutes