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Table 2 Parenting and child outcomes and assessment points

From: The effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the Family Nurse Partnership home visiting programme for first time teenage mothers in England: a protocol for the Building Blocks randomised controlled trial

Outcome (name of measure1) Baseline 34-36weeks Birth record 6 months 12 months 18 months 24 months HES / GP2
Parenting beliefs, behaviour and experience         
Anticipatory parenting (Millennium Cohort Study) [50, 51]   x       
Infant feeding intentions   x       
Prenatal attachment [67]   x       
Parental role strain (Millennium Cohort Study) [50, 51]     x x x x  
Maternal-child interaction [68]        x  
Mother and child living apart     x x x x  
Neonatal outcomes         
Live birth    x      
Birth weight 3    x      
Apgar score (1, 5 mins)    x      
Head circumference    x      
Neonatal unit admission    x      
Feeding & development         
Breastfeeding initiation, duration     x x x x  
Baby diet       x x  
Cognitive development [69]      x x x  
Language development (Early Language Milestone Scale) [69, 70]      x x x  
Child safety [71]      x x x  
Health and use of services         
Childcare     x x x x  
Immunisations     x x x   x
Emergency attendances & admissions (all cause) 3   x   x x x x x
Primary care consultation (injuries & ingestions)   x   x x x   x
Medically attended injuries & ingestions   x   x x x x x
Referral from primary care (social care, other, safeguarding)        x x
  1. 1 Name of validated measure (items amended or partially sourced from existing measures indicated by citation only) 2 For period from recruitment or birth until 24 months (mother and child); 3 Primary outcome domain.