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Table 4 Effects of iron supplementation on growth and neurodevelopment in low birth weight infants

From: Benefits of Iron supplementation for low birth weight infants: A systematic review

Study Anthropometric Data Neurodevelopmental Outcome
Hall et al. 1993[25] No differences in growth rate, length, head circumference NA
Friel et al. 2001[28] No differences in WTZ, HTZ at 12 months of age No difference in GDA; no infant had abnormal development
Steinmacher et al. 2007[32] NA More infants in the late iron suppl. group had abnormal neurologic examination; no differences in cognitive development, mobility, hearing, vision, growth; late vs early iron suppl. was not an risk factor for abnormal neurologic examination, disability, or cognitive impairment
Aggarwal et al. 2005[29] No differences in weight, length, head circumference NA
Sankar et al. 2009[34] No difference in weight NA
Berglund et al. 2010[35] No differences in weight, length, head circumference NA
  1. GDA, Griffiths’ Development Assessment; HTZ, height for age z score; suppl., supplement; WTZ, weight for age z score; NA, not available.