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Table 2 Quality assessment of studies examining the effects of iron supplementation in low birth weight infants

From: Benefits of Iron supplementation for low birth weight infants: A systematic review

Item Was a method of randomization used? Were the groups similar at baseline regarding the most important prognostic indicators? Were the eligibility criteria specified? Was the outcome assessor blinded? Was the care provider blinded? Was the patient blinded? Were point estimates and measures of variability presented for the primary outcome measures? Did the analysis include an intention-to-treat analysis?
Hammond et al. 1960[22] Y Y NA NA NA NA Y Y
Brozovic et al. 1974[23] NA NA Y NA NA NA Y N
Lundstrom et al. 1977[2] N NA Y NA NA NA Y Y
Iwai et al. 1986[24] NA NA N NA N N Y Y
Hall et al. 1993[25] Y Y Y NA NA Y Y Y
Griffin et al. 1999[26] Y N Y NA NA Y N Y
Franz et al. 2000[27] Y Y Y NA NA NA Y N
Friel et al. 2001[28] Y Y Y NA NA NA Y Y
Aggarwal et al. 2005[29] Y Y Y NA NA Y Y Y
Miller et al. 2006[30] N N Y NA NA NA N Y
Arnon et al. 2007[31] Y Y Y NA NA NA Y N
Steinmacher et al. 2007[32] Y Y Y NA NA NA Y Y
Braekke et al. 2007[33] N NA Y NA NA NA Y Y
Sankar et al. 2009[34] Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y
Berglund et al. 2010[35] Y Y Y NA Y Y Y Y
  1. N, no; NA, information not available or not applicable; Y, yes.