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Table 1 Effective use of prescription controller medication(s)

From: Partner randomized controlled trial: study protocol and coaching intervention

Has your child been prescribed a controller medication (e.g., Pulmicort, Flovent or Singulair)? If yes, how often is it supposed to be given? No Yes NA Continue questions
Tell me about yesterday. What medication(s) did you give? What time(s)? How about the day before that?   Go back as far as you need to get a sense of whether the meds are being given correctly or not
Is the controller medication(s) used every day as directed? How often are doses missed? How many missed doses in the last week? If has been doing it correctly for more than 6 months Maintenance (I STILL AM)
Possible Questions to help answer above question Do you have controller medications at home now? If no, why? Have you ever tried to use them every day? How did your child respond? Why did you stop? Do you think that controller medications help the asthma? If doing it correctly at least for the last week Action (I AM)
  If doing it some of the time and intending to do better Preparation (I WILL)
  If not doing it but thinking about how to do it Contemplation (I MAY)
  If not doing it because bogged down Precontemplation Believer (I CAN'T)
  If not doing it because don't believe in giving children regular meds Precontemplation Nonbeliever (I WON'T)