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Table 2 Interview areas

From: “The Logic of Care” – Parents’ perceptions of the educational process when a child is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

Focus on education/training - how was it?
Person / people you remember from the time in the hospital? - for any reason
The understanding of the implications of the diabetes - how did you know about the disease?
  - difficult to understand?
  - support to get an understanding of the disease
Approaches and preparedness - approach to learning to take blood, measure blood glucose, prepare the "pen" and give insulin injections
  - preparedness to care for your child with diabetes during and after leave and discharge
Decision making - about what is to be learned
  - on leave (how was it? /what happened after the leave from the hospital?)
  - own ability to influence the care of the child, teaching content and design
  - on discharge
Something that could have been done differently? - most important / most useful of what happened during the hospital stay