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Figure 2

From: Circulating hematopoietic stem cell count is a valuable predictor of prematurity complications in preterm newborns

Figure 2

Immunocytofluorescence of CB-derived non-HSCs. Individual images depict the expression of pluripotent/early neuronal markers, CD184, as well as nuclei in non-HSCs. Merged images show coexpression of β-III-tubulin (panel A), Oct-4 (panel B), Nanog (panel C), and CD184, together with nuclei. Pseudocolors are assigned to each staining as follows: anti-β-III-tubulin, -Oct-4, and -Nanog – green, anti-CD184 – red, nuclei - blue. The cells were captured with × 40 objective magnification. The expression of each antigen was examined in cells in six independent experiments. Representative data are shown.

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