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Table 3 A Select History of Pediatric Integrative Medicine

From: Pediatric integrative medicine: pediatrics' newest subspecialty?

1981 Pendergrass TW, Davis S. Knowledge and use of “alternative” cancer therapies in children. Am J Pediatr Hematol Oncol .1981;3:339-345
1982 Zeltzer L, Lebaron S. Hypnosis and nonhypnotic techniques for reduction of pain and anxiety during painful procedures in children and adolescents with cancer. J Pediatr. 1982;101:1032-1035
1984 Kohen DP, Olness KN. The use of relaxation-mental imagery (self-hypnosis) in the management of 505 pediatric behavioral encounters. J Dev Behav Pediatr. 1984;5:21-25
1986 Field T, et al. Tactile/kinesthetic stimulation effects on preterm neonates. Pediatrics. 1986;77:654-658
1987 First Introductory Pediatric Hypnosis Workshops provided at annual meeting of the Society for Behavioral Pediatrics (now the Society of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics)
1994 Spigelblatt L, et al.The use of alternative medicine by children. Pediatrics. 1994; 94: 811–814. (First CAM use publication in Pediatrics)
1995 The Ambulatory Pediatric Association established a Special Interest Group in Integrative Pediatrics
1996 Kemper K. The Holistic Pediatrician (HarperCollins) [2nd edition 2002]
1996 Kemper K. Separation or synthesis: a holistic approach to pediatrics. Pediatr Rev. 1996;17(8):263
1996 Kemper K. Seven Herbs Every Pediatrician Should Know. Contemp Pediatr.1986:79-81
1997 University of Arizona received the NCCAM pediatric center grant
1998 Boston Children’s launched the Center for Holistic Pediatric Education and Research
1998 Sikand A, Laken M. Pediatricians’ experience with and attitudes toward complementary/alternative medicine. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 1998 152:1059-1064
1999 APA Presidential address on “Holistic Medicine = Good Pediatrics”
2000 AAP Task Force on CAM formed
2000 1st PIM conference in Arizona
2001 AAP Policy statement on children with disabilities using CAM
2004 PedCAM Research and Education (PedCAM) network was established
2004 The International Pediatric Integrative Medicine (IPIM) Network formed
2004 Integrative Pediatrics Council formed at PIM meeting in Minnesota
2005 AAP provisional Section on Complementary Holistic Integrative Medicine formed
2006 First article in Pediatrics in Review series on integrative pediatrics published
2008 AAP Taskforce on CAM report published and provisional section on Complementary and Integrative Medicine becomes a full section within the AAP
2009 “A Parent’s Guide to Complementary and Integrative Medicine” AAP brochure published
2009 Culbert T, Olness K. Integrative Pediatrics (Oxford University Press)
2010 Mental Health, Naturally published by AAP