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Table 1 Criteria used for case definition to identify cause-specific mortality*

From: Cause-specific neonatal mortality in a neonatal care unit in Northern Tanzania: a registry based cohort study

Causes of death Case definition Search criteria for clinical diagnosis in registry
Congenital malformation lethal congenital malformation (congenital heart, spinal bifida, congenital syndromes, gastrointestinal malformation) − multiple congenital malformation
− congenital heart disease
− spinal bifida/hydrocephalus
− congenital syndromes or syndrome baby and deaths due to systemic conditions such as-renal failure or gastrointestinal system
Birth asphyxia birth asphyxia, hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy Apgar based definition − birth asphyxia weight >1000 g or gestational age >27 weeks
− birth asphyxia and prematurity with gestational age ≥33wks and birth weight ≥2500 g or birth weight ≥ 1800 g if gestational age unknown
− hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathy five minutes Apgar less than 7
Prematurity prematurity, respiratory distress syndrome in preterm, necrotizing enterocolite in preterm birth − prematurity
− prematurity and asphyxia with gestational age < 33 weeks and birth weight < 2500 g or birth weight < 1800 g if gestational age is unknown
− respiratory distress syndrome in preterm
− necrotizing enterocolitis
− birth asphyxia gestational age <27 weeks or birth weight <1000 g
− infection with gestational age <33 weeks
Infection neonatal infection, sepsis/septicaemia, meningitis, pneumonia − neonatal infection
− sepsis/septicaemia
− meningitis
− pneumonia
− impetigo neonatorum
Others other specific causes not classified above − neonatal jaundice
− meconium aspiration syndrome
− respiratory distress syndrome in term babies
  1. *The criterion was adapted from modified Wigglesworth classification and the revised decision tree [17, 18], and NICE classification [19] as used by Lawn et al. in classifying causes of neonatal deaths [20] with minor modifications.