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Table 2 Multiple Sclerosis definition

From: Paediatric UK demyelinating disease longitudinal study (PUDDLS)

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - Two or more non ADEM episodes of CNS demyelination separated in time (4 weeks) and space. For children aged > 10 years:
- Dissemination in space can be met if: MRI shows three of: 1) ≥ 9 white matter lesions or 1 gadolinium enhancing lesion, 2) ≥ 3 periventricular lesions, 3) One juxtacortical lesion, 4) an infratentorial lesion.
OR abnormal CSF (oligoclonal bands or elevated IgG index) with 2 lesions on the MRI (one in the brain).
- Dissemination in time can be met if: MRI shows new T2 or gadolinium enhancing lesions developing ≥ 3 months after initial event.