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Table 1 Data elements, measurement, and source

From: Predictors of well child care adherence over time in a cohort of urban Medicaid-eligible infants

Variable Measure Data source Collected
Adherence to WCC Categorical: yes or no (from continuous count of visits) EMR Once, at end of study
   • CHILD
Insurance status 2 categories: insured or not Survey1 Every 6 months
Insurance type 5 categories: Medicaid, CHIP, employer-sponsored, individually-purchased, or other Survey1 Every 6 months
Health status 2 categories: fair/poor or good/very good/excellent (dichotomized from 5 categories) Survey1 Every 6 months
Age Continuous: years Survey1 Initial
Race 6 categories: White; Black/African American; American Indian/Alaskan Native; Asian; Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander; Some other race Survey1 Initial
Educational status 2 categories: less than high school; high school/GED equivalent/more (dichotomized from 3 categories) Survey1 Initial
Primipara 2 categories: primiparous or not Survey1 Initial
Insurance status 2 categories: insured or not Survey1 Initial & every 6 months
Maternal health literacy 2 categories: adequate or marginal/inadequate
(Based on continuous S-TOFHLA score, validated cutpoint at 23 (range 0-36))
Survey Initial
Receiving any public assistance (WIC, food stamps, SSI) Categorical: yes or no Survey Initial & every 6 months
Maternal health status Continuous: numerical score from RAND Medical Outcome Study SF-36 subscales Survey Initial & every 6 months
Household composition Categorical: father of baby lives at home or not; other adults live at home or not Survey1 Initial & every 6 months
Maternal employment status Two categories: full-time employed/student or part-time employed/unemployed looking/unemployed not looking for work
Dichotomized from 5 categories
Survey1 Initial & every 6 months
Average monthly household income 2 categories: ≤ $500/month or > $500/month
Dichotomized at closest value to median from 8 categories: < $250/month; $251 - $500/mo; $501 - $999/mo; $1,000 - $1,499/mo; $1,500 - $1,999/mo; $2,000 - $2,499/mo; $2,500 - $2,999/mo; $3,000 + /mo
Survey1 Initial & every 6 months
Maternal social support Categorical: Maternal Social Support Index (range 0-27) classified as low; medium; or high support by tertiles Survey 12, 18, and 24 month follow-up
  1. Survey: Data collected in-person or via telephone using survey instrument & questionnaire
  2. 1Items adapted from the National Health Interview Survey