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Table 3 Categories reflecting overall changes in perceived health

From: Balancing health benefits and social sacrifices: A qualitative study of how screening-detected celiac disease impacts adolescents' quality of life

Quotations (Original text) BEFORE diagnosis and initiated treatment (Subcategories) AFTER diagnosis and initiated treatment (Subcategories) Changes in perceived health (Categories)
"I felt good before and I felt good after, so this wasn't a big change for me." Boy, Focus group discussion Perfectly healthy (A) Nothing was wrong (A+P) Happy and healthy as anyone else (P) No positive change (A) No difference in well-being (P) Stomach ache if eating gluten (A) Healthy as anyone else with no positive change
"I thought that I was pretty energetic and all, but when I found out about it and started eating like this, I've noticed that I have become much more energetic than I was before." Boy, Focus group discussion Nothing was wrong (A+P) Thought it was personality (P) Did not like bread (A) Avoided food like bread and pasta (P) Feeling better (A) Improvement in well-being (P) Everything fell into place (A+P) Retrospectively recognizing an improvement
"With the CD-diagnosis we got an explanation to her frequent problems with stomach ache, vomiting without reasons, long intense infections, her tiredness, and that she looked so worn. She is much happier and more energetic now." Mother to a daughter, Narrative Having some health problems (A) Several signs of illness (P) Having a different mood (A+P) Something was wrong (P) Feeling better (A) Improvement in well-being (P) Not that angry anymore (A+P) A NEW child (P) Something was wrong and then changed to the better
  1. Quotations illustrating the grounding of theoretically constructed subcategories, reflecting understanding of symptoms and perceived health before and after diagnosis, as described by adolescents (A) and their parents (P), which finally are grouped into categories reflecting overall changes in perceived health.