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Table 1 Characteristics of adolescents with screening-detected celiac disease (CD), and their parents, participating in the study

From: Balancing health benefits and social sacrifices: A qualitative study of how screening-detected celiac disease impacts adolescents' quality of life

Adolescents (n) 101
   Girls 53
   Boys 48
Age in years a 14.6 (13.9-15.4)
Months since diagnosis a 16.9 (11.1-23.2)
Basis for CD diagnosis (n)  
   Subtotal/total villous atrophy 61
   Partial villous atrophy 27
   Borderline mucosab 13
Parents/families (n) 125/111
   Mothers 94
   Fathers 27
   Gender not specifiedc 4
Education (n)  
   Primary 5
   Secondary 60
   University degree 46
   Education not specified 14
  1. a Median (Range)
  2. b Borderline mucosa, that is >30 intraepithelial lymphocytes (IEL) per 100 enterocytes, in combination with symptoms and/or signs compatible with CD
  3. c Contributed with narratives only