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Table 2 Assessment guidelines

From: Neonatal Procalcitonin Intervention Study (NeoPInS): Effect of Procalcitonin-guided decision making on Duration of antibiotic Therapy in suspected neonatal early-onset Sepsis: A multi-centre randomized superiority and non-inferiority Intervention Study

Pre/perinatal risk factors Mother group B streptococcus (GBS) positive
  Maternal prolonged rupture of membranes (PROM) > 18 h
  Maternal chorioamnionitis (fever >38.5°, fetal tachycardia)
  Birth before 35 weeks of gestational age
6 groups of suspect clinical signs and symptoms Respiratory distress/apnea
(signs and symptoms of one group = one abnormal finding) Tachycardia/bradycardia
  Arterial hypotension/poor perfusion
  Seizure/floppy infant/irritability/lethargy/poor feeding
  Vomiting/feeding intolerance/ileus
Conventional laboratory examinations White blood cell count < 5 G/L
  CRP > 10 mg/L