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Table 3 The daily ingestion of aluminium by infants at 6 months of age based upon the mean aluminium content of the product and the manufacturers recommended feeding volumes.

From: There is (still) too much aluminium in infant formulas

Commercial Name of Product
RM-ready made; P-powdered
Al ingested from product
μg Al/24 h period.
Sma First Infant Milk RM 224
Sma First Infant Milk P 323
Sma Follow-On Milk RM 206
Sma Wysoy Soya Infant Formula P 592
Cow & Gate First Infant Milk RM 285
Cow & Gate First Infant Milk P 385
Cow & Gate Follow-On Milk RM 301
Cow & Gate Follow-On Milk P 429
Cow & Gate Growing-Up Milk RM 107 (at 12 months)
Cow & Gate Nutriprem 1 RM 112-263*
Aptamil Follow-On Milk RM 296
Aptamil Follow-On Milk P 532
Hipp Organic Growing-Up Milk RM 88 (at 12 months)
Hipp Organic First Infant Milk P 380
Hipp Organic Follow-On Milk P 592
Hipp Organic Good Night Milk P 477
  1. *Values are for preterm infants of a very low initial body weight (< 1 kg) up to term (ca 2.5 kg)