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Table 3 Predictors of onset of menstruation

From: Growth status and menarcheal age among adolescent school girls in Wannune, Benue State, Nigeria

  Unadjusted OR (95% CI) Adjusted OR* (95% CI)
Older age 2.5 (1.5-2.2) 2.2 (0.9-2.5)
Higher BMI 3.2 (2.1-4.2) 2.8 (1.8-3.7)
Higher level of father's education 1.3 (0.8-1.6) not in model
Higher level of mother's education 1.1 (0.5-1.4) not in model
Only child 2.3 (1.5-3.2) 1.1 (0.7-1.3)
  1. *Logistics regression model: all listed variables included except parental education.
  2. Age and BMI adjusted as continuous variables.
  3. Higher education level defined as completion of at secondary school education to age 18.