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Table 2 Reference adenovirus (AdV) strains from the Genbank used for the typing of human AdV isolated at the University of Malaya Medical Centre.

From: Molecular identification of adenovirus causing respiratory tract infection in pediatric patients at the University of Malaya Medical Center

Accession Number Serotype Country/Strain
HAdV_A_NC_001460 A12 ATCC
HAdV_B_NC_004001 B11 Slobitski
HAdV_C_NC_001405 C2 NAa
HAdV_D_NC_002067 D17 NA
HAdV_E_NC_003266 E4 Vaccine CL68578
HAdV_F_NC_001454 F40 Dugan
HAdV_F_L19443 F40 Dugan
HAdV_3_AY878716 B3 Guangzhou, China
HAdV_3_AF542108 B3 Korea
HAdV_3_AF542129 B3 Korea
HAdV_3_DQ086466 B3 NA
HAdV_7_AF053085 B7 S-1058; Japan
HAdV_7_AY769945 B7 95-81; Korea
HAdV_7_AF515814 B7 China
HAdV_7_AC_000018 B7 NA
HAdV_7_AY769946 B7 Strain 99-95; Korea
HAdV_7_AB243009 B7 Kyoto, Japan
HAdV_11_AC_000015 B11 NA
HAdV_11_AF532578 B11 Slobitski
HAdV_11_AY163756 B11 Ad11p Slobitski
HAdV_14_AY803294 B14 De Wit/ATCC VR1091
HAdV_14_DQ149612 B14 NA
HAdV_16_X74662 B16 ATCC CH.79
HAdV_21_AB053166 B21 AV-1645
HAdV_34_AY737797 B34 Compton/ATCC VR716
HAdV_34_AB052911 B34 NA
HAdV_35_AC_000019 B35 Old world monkey strain
HAdV_35_AY128640 B35 Holden/ATCC VR718
HAdV_35_AY271307 B35 35p
HAdV_35_AB052912 B35 Japan
HAdV_50_DQ149643 B50 NA
HAdV_50_AY737798 B50 Wan/ATCC VR1502
HAdV_1_AC_000017 C1 P1 C124G1
HAdV_1_Y17244 C1 Ad71
HAdV_2_AC_000007 C2 NA
HAdV_2_AY224392 C2 Korea
HAdV_2_AF542118 C2 Korea
HAdV_2_AJ293905 C2 Germany
HAdV_2_AJ293901 C2 United Kingdom
HAdV_5_AF542130 C5 Korea
HAdV_5_AF542128 C5 Korea
HAdV_5_AF542124 C5 Korea
HAdV_5_AC_000008 C5 NA
HAdV_5_AF542109 C5 Korea
HAdV_6_DQ149613 C6 NA
HAdV_6_Y17245 C6 Ton66
HAdV_40_X51782 F40 Dugan
HAdV_41_X51783 F41 Tak
HAdV_41_D13781 F41 Tak
  1. aNot Available